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About us
The Sharing Hope Foundation was founded in 2015 by a group of young individuals with a deep-rooted commitment to help people in need, with a particular focus on children locally and globally. This led them down the path to Share Hope. Although the Foundation is relatively young, it has been successful in raising funds for various charities in its short time of existence. This motivates us to make positive changes in the lives of others less fortunate.
Our Vision
The Sharing Hope foundation aims to do just that, Share Hope. We aspire to be a fully-fledged agency for change, that is an inspiration to others to do the same. We firmly believe that together we can effect change and improve the world. Believe in the spirit of Ubuntu that together we are stronger, together we can make a difference, together we can give Hope!
Our History
Hope for the Orphans of War. In 2015 the foundation hosted its first fundraising dinner for the orphans of the Syrian war. The event was hosted by our chairperson Fatima Wise with the help of Little Big Events and in collaboration with Al-Imdaad. By way of ticket sales, an auction and donation boxes, we managed to raise R20,000 towards this initiative. The money was donated to Al-Imdaad and helped aid the Kirikhan Orphange in Turkey housing the Syrian orphans.

meet our team

Charity, volunteer for better life and our smiles.

This dedicated team has a burning desire to see the world as a better place and as South African we aspire to the values and spirit of Nelson Mandela. In saying we believe that if that if we stand together toward this common goal for humanity, mountains can be moved. Thus, we want to use this force of inspiration to help those less fortunate regardless of race, religion, creed or gender.


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