Anika Moosa

Anika Moosa, grew up in a very impoverish area in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town. The eldest of six, she took on family responsibility very early as both her parents were largely unemployed. This taught her humility. She saw the impact of gangsterism, poverty and drugs not only in the community but also within her own family. Being the eldest, she was forced to leave school in grade 8 to look after her siblings. Soon after she joined a surfing club, this allowed her to see the positive impact of surfing on the young people and the potential and the positive impact that surfing can have on children. This led her to know that she wanted to be more involved in uplifting youth. She then went on to become the chairperson of Wave Crush Surfing Academy who’s core focus was to use surfing to uplift the lives of the kids within the community. This initiative encouraged the children to pursue their education, sport disciplines and many other aspects in order to enrich their lives.

After marrying a man who is a community activist, she became involved in many community outreach projects, which assisted the youth with activities that gave them alternatives as apposed to gangsterism and drugs. Together, they assisted with poverty alleviation by distributing food parcels, setting up soup kitchens and various other community relief projects. She was taught by her mother in law to cook and using her talents of making good food, Anika, started her own catering company.

She became a member of Sharing Hope because she strongly identifies with its vision and mission. Anika, now resides in Qatar with her husband, the Ambassador to Qatar and her son. She represents the Sharing Hopes ideals, vision and mission in her capacity as wife to the Ambassador.