The Sharing Hope Foundation is a non Profit organisation. Our charity aims to, through our efforts provide hope for the otherwise hopeless.

Give Hope. Share Hope.

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sharing hope foundation

Who We Are

As a non-profit organization with many years of operation, we always strive for our mission because a better world with a modern vision and we hope more people can contribute to our activities...

Our Foundation

We are transparent in all our charity activities. If you want to be a part of us, want to ask for help for yourself or other people, or any question that you want to ask, let us kn​ow...

Ways to Give

There are many causes that need help, you can raise your funds for a cause that you care or give your donations by participating directly in our charity events...

Why you should choose us

Our organization is about giving back and raising lots of money for great causes and events.


We Value Compassion

We believe that without compassion non if what we do is possible. Our collective compassions offers us the possibility to respond to the suffering of others with understanding, patience and kindness.

We Value Integrity

Integrity is perhaps the most important principle of leadership because it demands truthfulness and honesty. We pride ourselves on our integrity.

We Value Honesty

Honesty promotes openness, empowers us and enables us to develop consistency in how we present the facts.

We Value Trust

Trust can be defined as a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. You can trust us with your donation to do the right thing.

We Value Commitment

Committing to our causes and staying sustainable at our goals is the true way to endure challenges that may come our way.

We Value Community Involvement

Community involvement is the power to bring positive, measurable change within communities. We know that without your involvement we will not be able to achieve any of our goals.

Our projects


Bank: FNB/RMB Account Holder: Sharing Hope Foundation Account Type: Gold Business Account Account Number: 62784258206 Branch Code: 250655

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What people say

Kulsoom Ismail
On behalf of the Delft South Community Development and Safety Association, we wish to extend a great THANK You to the Sharing Hope Team for providing a sense of humanity to our ' forgotten children and to help provide them with a sense of belonging and being in an otherwise cruel world in which they cannot fend for themselves or defend themselves against the gross abuse they have experienced. May God bless you and strengthen your efforts at spreading HOPE in this vicious world in which we find ourselves.
Rosie Mashale
The staff and children of Baphumelele would like to thank you all at Sharing Hope Foundation for the donation for the Funds donated to the children’s home. The donation came as BIG relief to our organisation. The funding helped us to keep our doors open and to feed all the 107 children under our care. We really needed a boost to run this orphanage. It is organisations like yours, who help to give children back their childhood, their smiles, their trust in life and hope for the future. We are very grateful for your support.
Yacoob Vahed
The AL-IMDAAD FOUNDATION, I would like to sincerely thank you for your generous contribution towards the Halima Sa'diyya Kirikhan Orphanage. On Behalf of Al Imdaad and the Halima Sa’diyya Kirikhan Orphange, we pray to the Almighty that you are well and serving the beautiful Deen - Ameen.

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